Twin Yazılım Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“ Twin”), as the data controller, processes the personal data of the application users provided electronically via Twin Application. Detailed information on the processed personal data are included in the Privacy Notice on the Processing of Personal Data prepared in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the "Law").

Upon your explicit consent, the data pertaining the child user of Twin Application, of whom you are the Parent/ Legal Guardian, which are provided by you and the data obtained during the child's use of the application shall be processed in order to present content suitable for the interests of the child and to report the application usage of the child through the Insight Report, if so requested.

Upon your explicit consent in accordance with Article 9 of the Law, your identity details (name, year of birth) and contact information (e-mail address) data processed due to your Parenthood/ Legal Guardianship of the child user of Twin application, the identity (name, visual and audio recordings (photos and video records uploaded to the application) and interests of the child (choice made within the scope of the Character Types presented in the application or the answers given to the questions during the entry to understand the interest areas of the child), location (location information on city-country basis, provided that it does not show the exact location), transaction security (IP address, browser information, internet network provider information, unique device ID) and customer action (records of conversations with moderators) data may be transferred, in capacity of data processor, to third-party companies residing abroad, such as our cooperation partners and service providers,from which we receive the necessary services, as stated in the privacy notice, with the purpose of storing your data on servers, providing e-mails to you, sending instant notifications to users, and providing other technical and infrastructure features required for offering the application services.

Your name-surname, e-mail address and telephone number may be transferred, upon your explicit consent and in case you opt to receive commercial electronic messages, to third-party companies residing abroad from which we receive technical services for carrying out marketing activities, carrying out advertising, campaign and promotion processes and sending commercial and non-commercial electronic messages to you.

As a rule, the content shared in the application can only be viewed by the users in the application. However, in Twin Quiz Show live broadcasts, in accordance with your explicit consent, the sharing of the challenge containing the child's name and visual and audio personal data may be shown to the audience on the live broadcast and then these live broadcasts will be broadcast on Twin social media accounts. In addition, if you consent to the participation of your child, of whom you are the Parent/ Legal Guardian, as a co-host in Twin Quiz Show live broadcasts, the child's name, visual and audio recordings obtained within the scope of the Twin Quiz Show live broadcast can be processed in order to carry out the activity process, and these data may be transferred to third party companies abroad for the reasons that to obtain the consent and approval of the Parent/Legal Guardian for the child to be participated in the Twin Quiz Show live broadcast, that the Twin Quiz Show process is carried out using the Zoom infrastructure and that the Twin Quiz Show live broadcast recording will be published on social media platforms through Twin's social media accounts.